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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Middle Distance Qualification

The long distance qualifying races have barely finished, but it's already time to look forward to tomorrow, when Team USA takes on the physical and technical challenges of the middle distance qualification races. The men's courses are 3.6-3.7km with 190-205m of climb and 11 controls. The women's courses are 2.9-3.0km with 140-150m of climb and 9 controls. As usual, the 15 best runners from each heat go through to the final.

Check out this video of the terrain taken during training by Ken Walker.

Here are the start times of Team USA competitors in the middle distance qualification:

Hannah Burgess 2:18pm CET (8:18am EDT)

Alex Jospe 2:30pm CET (8:30am EDT)

Alison Crocker 2:44pm CET (8:44am EDT)

Ken Walker 3:32pm CET (9:32am EDT)

Ross Smith 3:52om CET (9:52am EDT)

Sergei Zhyk 4:16pm CET (10:16am EDT)

All photos by Eddie Bergeron

Go Team USA!!!

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